The morning sun shone brightly as Emiline Parton pulled into the Elementary school parking lot of Little Creek, Maine. She was 25 years old and had taught first grade here for 4 years. Stepping out of the car she popped the trunk and went to grab the heavy box of paints she’d brought with her. Carefully she balanced her purse and school bag and reached for the box…then winced as it slipped from her hands and fell to the pavement with a crash. “Shoot.” She muttered and bent to pick up all the spilled paint bottles. Then she went to try once again to lift the box, while still keeping her bag and purse on her shoulder. “Here let me.” Emiline looked up to see a tall, broad, young man hurrying toward her. He had slightly shaggy dark hair, a scruffy face, and dark, handsome eyes. Before Emiline could protest his strong arms easily lifted the box of paints off the pavement. Completely shocked and stricken, Emiline could only stare. The young man grinned down at Emiline. “Hi I’m David Christians. I ‘m the new janitor. I’d shake your hand but…” he indicated the box with a shrug of his shoulders. Emiline finally shook herself out of shock, “Oh it’s ok. Thanks very much. I’m Emiline Parton. I teach first grade.” David nodded, “Lucky first graders, Miss Parton.” “Call me Emiline.” She said and started walking toward the building. David smiled and fell into step beside her. “Lead me to your room, fair Miss Parton.” Emiline raised her eyebrows and smiled slightly at David’s comment, “But Mr. Christians, we only just met.” David adopted a serious expression, “Perhaps you’re right. How about we start slower. Why don’t you have dinner with me Friday night, unless of course you are otherwise engaged?” Emiline shook her head and smiled, “No I’m not. Dinner would be nice.” By this time they had reached Emiline’s classroom and she couldn’t help but feel a slight disappointment as she unlocked the door and David put the box of paints on the table Emiline used for the kids’ art table. David turned back to face Emiline, smiling brightly. “Anything else I can do for you Miss Parton?” Emiline smiled, “You can start calling me Emiline.” David gave a slight bow as he backed out of the room. “As you wish milady. I have to go now, but you have a good day and if you need anything else let me know. I’ll be wondering around, probably lost out of my mind and attempting to look busy.” Emiline laughed, “Well if you do get lost, you let me know and I’ll come rescue you.” “Oh ho! Damsel in distress turns brave hero!” Chuckled David. “Hey!” cried Emiline indignant, “I am not a damsel in distress!” “Pity, then I’d have no reason to be your hero.” David winked. Then with a wave he walked out of the room and down the hallway. For the whole rest of the day, Emiline felt as though she were walking on clouds. She was very taken by David’s good looks and charm. At the end of the day, as she was packing up she was surprised to hear a knock on her door. She was even more surprised, and delighted, when the door opened to reveal David. He grinned at her as he stepped through the doorway. “Good afternoon, Miss Parton.” “Hello David.” “Anything I can do for you? Help with those bags maybe?” He indicated the heavy bag she was packing with a wave of his hand. “Actually that would be great thanks.” “No problem!” David said as he bounded into the room, and threw the bag over his shoulder, “After you Miss Parton.” Beaming, Emiline led the way out of the room. Two days later, on Friday night, Emiline stood in front of her mirror putting on the last finishing touches of her makeup. She’d decided to wear a pretty purple dress, and had done up her hair in a complicated swirl. She turned around admiring herself in the mirror, then, satisfied, she made her way down stairs to wait for David. She was a little nervous and wasn’t sure if he would come. After all, they’d only met two days before. Unable to stay seated, she stood and paced. Finally at 6:30, her doorbell rang. Emiline hurried toward the door, heart pounding with excitement. She opened the door and was shocked. She’d only ever seen David in a pair of old jeans and an old t-shirt, but not tonight. Tonight, he was wearing a dark black suit and a bright red tie. In his arms he carried a dozen perfect red roses. He smiled his charming smile. “Well good-evening Miss Emiline.” Emiline was so stunned she wasn’t even able to register the fact that he’d called her Emiline. She just stared. David suddenly looked worried, “What? Do I have something on my face?” “What? No. No. Sorry. You look…great.” “Why thank you ma’am. So do you. You ready to go?” Emiline nodded. “Sure. Just let me take care of the roses. Come on in if you like.” She walked into the kitchen, followed by David. “Nice place you got here.” He said looking around. “Thank you.” She said as she got a vase and put in the roses. “Thanks for the roses. They’re gorgeous.” David bowed slightly, “My pleasure.” He offered his arm, “Are you ready?” Emiline took his arm and couldn’t help but feel giddy, “Lead the way Mr. Christians.” David took them to a fancy restaurant in the city. They shared a delicious 3 course meal. Emiline found David extremely easy to talk to and the two of them hit it off just fine. When dinner was over, neither was too anxious to go home so they set out for a night walk through the city. After a while of walking quietly David suddenly turned to face Emiline, “You don’t remember me do you?” “I just had dinner with you. What are you talking about?” “We went to high school together Emiline.” Emiline studied David through narrowed eyes. “No way.” “Yeah way.” Emiline was about to disagree again but she’d looked closer and suddenly her memories flooded back. “David…oh my god. I was friend’s with your sister!” David’s grin was bright enough to light a whole city. The whole way home Emiline and David talked of the memories of high school. Old teachers and common friends that they’d once had. By the time they pulled back into Emiline driveway, Emiline’s cheeks hurt from all the laughing and smiling. David stepped out first and ran around the car to open her door. She smiled as she took his offered hand. “Thank you David. I had a really great time.” David didn’t answer right away. Grinning slowly he took Emiline’s hand and tucked it into his arm, leading her up to her front door. “Miss Emiline,” he said once they reached the door. “I also had a wonderful time, and forgive me if this is a little forward but, well maybe this is meant to be?” “What do you mean?” David cleared his throat and suddenly looked nervous. “Well I mean we were in high school together, and now after all this time, here we are back together…” Emiline watched him, waiting for him to continue, “And…” “And I guess what I’m trying to say is, let’s do this again.” Emiline smiled, “I’d like that very much Mr. Christians.” She said softly. David beamed, kissed Emiline on the cheek then whistling walked back to his car as Emiline entered her house.