The early summer sun shone brightly the morning the tree was planted. It was an apricot tree small and frail with only a few leaves to fill it's tiny, spindly branches. It was planted around many other trees, towering pines and majestic maples and oaks. The poor little tree looked like a twig among them. But he didn't care. His roots were deep in warm soil and the sun warmed his bark. All summer the little tree never grew anymore leaves. The oaks scorned him. “Look at you, “ they said, “You have no beauty to give. Look at our emerald crowns! You only have a couple of leaves. You were a waste of time.” But the little apricot tree paid no notice he simply said, “Wait until spring just wait until spring. When fall came around every tree's leave changed. The little apricots leaves died quickly and fell to the found simple ugly and brown. The maples looked down at the apricot tree, “Your leaves are ugly. “ they said, “Look at our brilliant colors, you bring no beauty, are were a waste of time.” But the little apricot tree paid no mind he simply said ,”Wait until spring, just wait until spring.” When winter came around the evergreens were the only green around and they laughed at the little tree. “Why bother? You 're bark is ugly e. Look at our bright needles. You bring no beauty you are a waste of time.” But the little tree said nothing except “Wait for spring, just wait until spring.” Then finally spring came. The evergreens needles were dulled after winter and the oaks and maples branches were bare. But not the little apricot tree. His tiny spindly branches were graced with tiny flowers as white as summer clouds. The could be see for miles against the constant green of the pines and the dull bark of the oaks an maples. The maples and oaks were sorry and the evergreens were shamed to think they said such horrible things to such a pretty little tree. But the tiny little apricot tree didn't boast and he didn't say, “I told you so.” He simply said “Now you know we all have beauty and each it's own season to show.”